Class Descriptions


These levels are simply to give you an idea of the intensity and framework of each class.  All levels are welcome at all classes and can be adapted to suit your individual needs.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.


STRETCH classes (Level 1 or “all levels”) are primarily focused on gentle stretching and are suitable for all levels, including beginners.  Perfect for those looking for a restorative and/or yin practice and is an ideal complement to any movement practice or injury management.

  • Restore & Unwind yoga is a slower, more passive yoga practice with mindful breath awareness.  Poses are held for longer periods of time to allow the body to fully and deeply relax and unwind.  Supporting the postures with our yoga blocks, straps, blankets, chairs and bolsters is encouraged/available, to deepen the relaxation experience.  Level 1/All levels.
  • Stretch It Out is a slow-paced class that offers a combination of gentle active stretches and passive relaxing/yin postures, with mindful awareness of the breath.  This class targets the commonly tight areas of the body – hips, hamstrings, chest, shoulders and spine.  Level 1/All levels.


MOVE classes (Level 1/2) focus on functional strength, balance and mobility, with a focus on foundations of individual alignment.  Well suited for beginner students, and for intermediate/advanced students seeking to refine and complement their yoga practice.

  • Mindful Movement  is a Hatha yoga practice that explores the connection between the breath, the body and the mind.  In this mindful-moving class, we work to gently build strength, balance, focus and flexibility.  Attention to individual alignment, longer holds, and simpler transitions between poses makes this class appropriate for many levels, yet still provides muscular effort and mindful focus.   Level 1/2.
  • Functional Strength focuses on promoting core strength and stability, improving the functional range of motion in the joints.  Traditional yoga postures are blended with functional exercises to help maintain strength, healthy joints, circulation and postural awareness.  Level 1/2.
  • Flow & Unwind combines the strength-building benefits of a Flow Yoga class, with the calming benefits of deeper yin stretches and restorative postures.  The first part of the class we’ll flow and build some warmth in the body, then we’ll slow it down, stretch it out, and unwind.  Level 2.


SWEAT classes (Level 2/3) synchronize movement with the breath in Flow practices, so that poses flow smoothly and fluidly together.  With mindful attention to alignment and intelligent sequencing, these classes are more physically active, helping you develop greater strength and stamina, while still being accessible and adaptable to many levels.

  • Flow Yoga synchronizes movement with breath, promoting sustainable alignment, body-mind-breath awareness and postural integrity.   Poses are gradually layered in a slow to moderate-paced class to progressively build strength, improve flexibility, balance and clarity of mind.  Level 2.
  • Core Flow yoga is a high-energy flow class with a strong focus on individual alignment and breath.  You will be skillfully guided through a variety of yoga postures designed to strengthen and elongate your muscles, engage the core and focus the mind.  Each class is unique and will sequentially build to more challenging postures, should you so desire.  You are always encouraged to listen to your body and move at your own pace, with many variations offered.  Level 2/3.
  • Yoga + TRX* is an energetic class incorporating the TRX suspension system  into a variety of yoga poses and other functional movements.  Designed to develop overall strength, symmetry and stability in the body, this is a dynamic, whole body core workout that will have you sweating!  *SPACES ARE LIMITED.  Level 2/3.