Class Descriptions


We have a variety of yoga and movement classes. The levels here are simply to give you an idea of the intensity and framework of each class.  All poses and movements can be adapted to suit your individual needs.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.


STRETCH classes (Level 1 or “all levels”) are primarily focused on gentle stretching and are suitable for all levels, including beginners.  Perfect for those looking for a restorative and/or yin practice and is an ideal complement to any movement practice or injury management.

  • Stretch & Restore Yoga is a slow-paced class that offers a combination of gentle active stretches and passive relaxing/yin postures, with mindful awareness of the breath.  This class targets the commonly tight areas of the body – hips, hamstrings, chest, shoulders and spine.  All poses are practiced on the floor in seated, kneeling, prone or reclined positions.  Level 1/All levels.

  • Yin Yoga.  In Yin Yoga we slow down. It’s less of a movement-intensive practice, giving us the opportunity to practice sitting quietly with our body, mind and breath. Poses are held for longer periods of time (2-5 minutes), allowing for a deeper exploration of where resistance resides in our body and mind. We aim to improve circulation, flexibility and resilience in our tissues, and release tension from the mind and the body. Level 1/All levels.


MOVE classes (Level 1/2) focus on strength, balance, flexibility & mobility, with a focus on foundations of individual alignment.  Well suited for beginner students and for intermediate/advanced students seeking to refine and complement their yoga practice.

  • Foundational Yoga explores various yoga poses and movements with an attention to individual alignment, the use of props, and more detailed instruction for moving into and out of poses. Ideal for those who are new to yoga, as well as seasoned practitioners who wish to refine their alignment and return to a beginners mind. We work on calming the mind while gently building strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. Appropriate for all levels.

  • Mindful Movement Yoga is a Hatha yoga practice that explores the connection between the breath, the body and the mind.  In this mindful-moving class, we work to gently build strength, balance, focus and flexibility.  Attention to individual alignment and simpler transitions between poses makes this class appropriate for many levels, yet still provides gentle muscular effort and mindful focus.   Level 1.

  • Gentle Flow Yoga is a slower-paced yoga flow class. We explore mindful awareness of the breath as we move through various postures to gently build strength, mobility, balance and calmness of mind. Options for all levels/Level 1.

  • Slow Flow Yoga is a gentle flow yoga synchronizing movement with the breath.  A well-balanced practice with a slower, more meditative pace and space to breathe, relieve stress and unwind. Level 1/2.

  • Flow/Flow & Unwind Yoga combines the strength-building benefits of a Flow Yoga class with the calming benefits of deeper yin stretches and restorative postures.  The first part of class is a moderate-paced flow yoga, synchronizing movement with breath.  Poses are gradually layered to progressively build strength, improve flexibility, balance and clarity of mind.  The last portion of class we’ll slow it down, stretch it out, and unwind.  Level 2.

  • Community Yoga.  These classes are available to all in the community and are donation-based (pay what you can), with proceeds going to a local charity.  Ability to pay is not a factor, no one is turned away.  If you are able to donate, a suggested donation is $10.  Memberships and class passes are also accepted for students with current packages.  Taught by recent graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training program, the style is a Slow Flow yoga where we explore the connection between the breath, the body and mind.  A well-balanced practice that gently cultivates strength, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation.  Options will be offered for all levels.  Join us in-studio (space is limited) or online.  Level 1/2.


SWEAT classes (Level 2/3) synchronize movement with the breath in Flow practices, so that poses flow smoothly and fluidly together.  With mindful attention to alignment and intelligent sequencing, these classes are more physically active, helping you develop greater strength and stamina, while still being accessible and adaptable to many levels.

  • Core Flow Yoga is an energetic flow class with a strong focus on individual alignment and breath.  You will be skillfully guided through a variety of yoga postures designed to strengthen and elongate your muscles, engage the core and focus the mind.  Each class is unique and will sequentially build to more challenging postures, should you so desire.  You are always encouraged to listen to your body and move at your own pace, with many variations offered.  Level 2+/3.

  • Rocket Flow Yoga is a structured sequence of sun salutations, standing, and seated postures similar to Ashtanga Yoga but much less rigid and more accessible than the classical practice. The Rocket series allows students to modify (or even skip poses entirely) while also offering more variety and opportunities to try new poses out during class. It is a dynamic ‘moving meditation’ that can help cultivate strength, focus and flexibility on and off the mat. Each Rocket Flow class will be remixed slightly to add variety to the sequence and bring focus to certain sections and postures of this fun and energetic practice. Level 2/3.

  • Lunch hour Power + Stretch Yoga.  Join us on your lunch hour for a quick-paced, 30 minute Power Flow with a 15 minute stretch.  While this class is faster-paced than our Flow, we always encourage you to move at your own rhythm and take options that honour your needs.  Level 2/3.

  • Strength & Core is a movement-based class (not a traditional yoga class) and an ideal complement to yoga to help you build strength + core stability, while improving mobility. Yoga movements are blended with functional strength exercises.  We use a variety of props & tools, depending on the focus: blocks, stretchy resistance bands (such as physio-type bands or looped bands), balls (tennis balls, or similar sized ball), simple weights (such as a 5-10lb sand bag/bag of rice/small hand weights, chairs, etc…).  All movements can also be done without props using your own body weight/gravity as resistance. Level 2/3.

  • TRX + Mobility is a movement-based class (not a traditional yoga class), using TRX suspension bands and is a wonderful complement to a regular yoga practice. This class will help you find greater strength, balance & symmetry in your body.  A whole body core workout that will have you sweating!  Level 3.