Welcome to The Yoga Loft Cambridge ~ A Yoga & Movement Studio located in the heart of Preston.

Why Practice at The Yoga Loft?

The Yoga Loft is a studio where the focus is on you.  A welcoming, non-judgmental space where you are encouraged to be your authentic self and honour your own unique needs.

We are a non-competitive studio and we believe that yoga poses and movement should be adapted for each individual. Our goal is to help make yoga as accessible as we possibly can.

You will be skillfully guided with a secular, down-to-earth approach to yoga & movement that will leave you feeling strong, grounded and empowered.

Our breath-mind-body focus is rooted in sustainable alignment principles which have been cultivated from years of experience and study in the science of yoga, movement, anatomy & biomechanics, yoga philosophy and mindfulness.

Please note that we do NOT physically adjust or do hands-on adjustments in our studio. Our main priority is personal agency, autonomy, comfort and safety for all our students.

Studio Core Values

The practice of yoga that we love so much has rich, deep roots in India. We try to honour the roots and essence of yoga by staying true to our core values, which align with the yamas and niyamas of the 8-limb pathway, beginning with ahimsa (non-harm).

We believe that the essence of yoga is more than asana (poses) and movement – that true yoga is social justice and collective care for our community. These are some of the beliefs and core values that we hold deeply:

  • Kindness, compassion and empathy
  • Justice and equity particularly for those who have been historically oppressed and/or who have marginalized identities (including the rights of Indigenous Peoples, Black and racialized folks who experience racism, disability justice, LGBTQ2S+ rights, women’s rights)
  • As settlers on this land, we believe the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action must be implemented for true reconciliation
  • We believe that housing, food, clean water and health care are the rights of every human being
  • We believe individuals should have agency and autonomy over their own bodies
  • We teach yoga and movement with a trauma-informed lens

Our studio is committed to transparency about our core values as we strive to do our part to dismantle our own inherent biases and disrupt colonialism and white supremacy in all its forms. Some of the ways in which are actively trying to uphold our values is by continuing to educate ourselves – to learn (and un-learn) about our history in the land we call Canada – through books and courses we have taken including Indigenous Canada (University of Alberta), the Antiracism Course (by Selam Debs), trainings in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, among many other resources.

We regularly donate proceeds from our Community Classes to various local nonprofit organizations that uphold these same core values, such as Woodland Cultural Centre, Cambridge Food Bank, The House of Friendship, YWCA, among others.

We also try to do our part by reserving a limited number of scholarships for our yoga teacher training and classes to those who have been historically oppressed and marginalized.

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize and acknowledge that The Yoga Loft Cambridge is located on the land promised to the Haudenosaunee of the Six Nations of the Grand River, and is within the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and the Neutral (Attawandaron) peoples.   

As guests who live and work on this territory, we offer gratitude and honour to those who were here before us, and a deep respect for the relationship that Indigenous peoples have to this land.   

As part of our individual and collective ongoing commitment for reconciliation with the original Peoples of this land, we offer this acknowledgement of land and territory, as one small step. 

We recognize that our ability to live and work here now is a direct result of the harmful practices and policies of colonization, including expulsion and assimilation.  As beneficiaries, we are committed to understanding the true history of Turtle Island (Canada) to help repair damage by continuing to learn, unlearn, work toward reconciliation and foster new relationships with local Indigenous communities. 

Teachers at The Yoga Loft

Sandi Grekoff-Hunt (she/her)


Sandi’s teaching style has been cultivated from years of experience and study in the science of yoga, functional movement, anatomy and mindfulness.  Her sequences are created to build strength, mobility and stability in the body, while also being infused with mindful awareness of the breath.  She cares deeply for the well-being of her students, and invites each person to honour their own unique alignment.  She has received training in Trauma-Informed Yoga.

Michelle Braun (she/her)

I graduated from the Fall 2019 YTT program at The Yoga Loft. As a lifelong learner I am so grateful for the experience and wisdom that was passed on in this training.  Yoga has been part of my life for over 10 years, my practice has helped me to grow stronger and more mindful both on and off the mat.  I am excited to have the  opportunity to guide others in nurturing mind and body through yoga.  I am also a Registered Early Childhood Educator and have shared my love for yoga through mindfulness and movement with children of all ages.

Melanie Garneau (she/her)

I completed my 200hr YTT through Yoga Alliance in 2015 and have been teaching (and learning) ever since. My classes are often sequenced to lead to a peak pose but allow space for the students to choose what is best for them in their body.  Options for those seeking more or less of a challenge are also always included.  I often remind my students that it’s ok to fall, wobble, or not ‘get’ a pose as the beauty of yoga isn’t about perfection but in the ability to let go and give in to the now. This reminder is as much for myself as it is for them.

Lonnie Colter (he/him)

Guest Teachers:

Jennifer Hesson
Alicia Schuster


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New to The Yoga Loft?

If you’re brand new to our studio, please read our studio policy form before booking an in-person Studio class.

Intro Trial Month

We are currently offering an INTRO MONTH for $55+tax*

*Available for new students only. Includes 1 month of UNLIMITED in-person and virtual yoga classes on our regular schedule* (excludes TRX and Series-based classes such as Baby & Me).

*To book and pay for your Intro Month go to SCHEDULE NOW and choose your first class. Follow prompts to set up your profile, add your credit card, and choose INTRO MONTH as your Package (only choose this option). When checking out, it will indicate that you are paying $62.15 today. The next time you go to book a class, just ignore the Payments/Extras section (do not click on a package, as you will already have one in your profile).


Our goal is to make our students as comfortable as we possibly can. You can find our Frequently Asked Questions here: FAQs.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Studio Virtual Tour

Here is a short video to help orient you to our space: Studio Virtual Tour

Class Registration

  • Registration is required in advance for ALL classes (drop-ins are no longer permitted).
  • You must register at least 30 minutes in advance of any class (in-studio or virtual).  After that time frame the class will no longer be visible on the online schedule.
  • For virtual classes, you will receive the zoom link for online classes about 15 minutes before the class. For more information on our online classes: Virtual Yoga Info.
  • We offer our full schedule in the studio (in-person) and virtually (we teach hybrid studio+virtual classes).


  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page for our live online schedule on your computer.
  2. Click the SCHEDULE NOW button at the bottom of this page on your mobile; on a computer you will find the SCHEDULE NOW button on any page other this homepage.
  3. Download the free Schedulicity app for your mobile and register via the app.

  • Be sure to choose the correct location that you prefer when registering: STUDIO or VIRTUAL.
  • When registering as a new client you will be prompted to create a profile, enter a credit card number and choose a package to purchase when registering for your first class.
Class Cancellations
  • We require 2 hours prior to class for cancellations. You can cancel through your email/text confirmation or through your profile on Schedulicity.

  • Due to limited studio space, we have implemented a $10 late cancel/no show fee for studio classes. Please do your best to honour your booking or cancel as far in advance as possible to allow someone else to have your spot. Thank you for your understanding.
Class Recordings

If you register for a Virtual class and aren’t able to make the livestream, please let us know and you will have access to the recording.

If you have a Monthly Membership it includes on-demand access to over 200 HD videos.

DECEMBER 2023 Schedule

Click on the “live schedule” below to see our online schedule for the next 2 weeks. You can also click on the SCHEDULE NOW button on any page of our website, which will also take you to our online schedule. Online registration is required for all classes to reserve your spot.

If you would like a printable PDF of our schedule, click the button below.

“I took Sandi’s YTT at a time in my life where I needed a change of pace. I wasn’t sure if I would use my training to teach but Sandi facilitated a nurturing learning environment that allowed me to grow in many valuable ways. I finished the training feeling equipped and confident, more aware of myself and of those around me. It was truly a wonderful experience I would recommend time and time again.” 

Elisabeth T.

“As a masters aged obstacle course racer, most of my training is hard on my body, running, lifting, crawling, carrying. Being able to attend Sandi’s restorative yoga class provides me with an active recovery day rather than just a do nothing rest day. Sandi begins each class with quiet moments to relax your mind, calm your breathing and become aware of your body; bringing focus to the present moment. For me personally, this draws parallels to my martial arts training. Sandi has a very calming demeanour, she is both welcoming and accommodating to individual requests. Her vast knowledge and love of yoga allows her to use a wide variety of poses and stretches, each held for longer duration to both lengthen sore or tight ligaments and muscles as well as improve joint range of motion. She always provides easier and more advanced options for each pose thereby ensuring the pose can be done by advanced or beginner attendees. Sandi also will try to help anyone struggling with a pose ensuring each person achieves maximum benefit from the session. This enhances the personal experience of the session. I believe it is not coincidental that I have some of my best training days the day after her restorative class. I have found it so helpful that I try to incorporate some of her poses and stretches into my pre-race day routine.”

Brian B.