200hr YTT: The Foundations


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Our 200-hour yoga teacher training will provide you with the foundations you need to begin teaching yoga confidently and skillfully. You will develop a greater understanding of anatomy and alignment in yoga asana (postures) and learn how to integrate this knowledge to create intelligent, safe, anatomy-informed sequencing in your yoga classes to ensure accessibility and inclusion for all your students. Our yoga studio is secular and our yoga training is dogma-free and down-to-earth.

Upcoming YTT Dates & Details:
Fall 2023 (Registration closed):


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This course runs one weekend per month, plus one additional evening per month, from September until May. Upon completion of the course material, an additional weekend might be required for completion of practicum exams.

Our weekend format consists of: Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 9am-5pm

One additional weeknight per month: One Wednesday per month 5:30-8:30pm (mid-month, but flexible with dates/times to accommodate schedules.).

9 weekends from September to May:

  • September 8-10
  • September 29-October 1
  • November 3-5
  • December 1-3
  • January 5-7
  • February 2-4
  • March 1-3
  • April 5-7
  • May 3-5
Fall 2024:

Registration for our September 2024 YTT program will open early Spring 2024.

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YTT Prerequisites and Course Standards:
  • Students must have been practicing yoga consistently for at least one year.
  • This program is also available to yoga practitioners who simply want to deepen their understanding and experience of anatomy, yoga postures and yoga philosophy.
  • The Yoga Loft Cambridge is a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) of Yoga Alliance.
  • This 200-hr program meets and exceeds the requirements set out by Yoga Alliance, particularly in the Practicum section (actual teaching experience hours).
  • Students who satisfy the requirements of this YTT and pass the practicum and final written exam will be certified by The Yoga Loft Cambridge and will qualify to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT) if they wish to do so.
Time Commitment:
  • There are a minimum of 200 hours of instruction
  • This course is almost exclusively in-person (with some limited livestream and a minimal amount online learning).
  • In addition there will be some homework, including practical teaching hours, readings & studying of the material.
  • Our course exceeds the minimum requirement set by Yoga Alliance of 200 hours.

Unlike many of the large studio and online programs, enrolment is always highly limited in our course, as we strongly believe that yoga training is best facilitated in small groups so we can provide abundant practical teaching experience, as well as individual mentoring throughout our program.

Curriculum Outline:

This YTT will teach you the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics in yoga poses and how to break down poses to understand the techniques, variations and modifications of all major asana families of vinyasa/flow yoga.  You will understand how to sequence intelligently for proper individual/unique alignment, safety and integrity in the joints, and how to work towards integration of the body, mind and breath.

An appreciation of the history of yoga and introductory yoga philosophy will also be covered in this course.  In this module, a strong emphasis is placed on yoga humanities and ethics, code of conduct, scope of practice, accessibility, inclusion and diversity of yoga, and teaching with an awareness of trauma sensitivity.

This training is highly practical and interactive, with abundant actual teaching experience for trainees to help you develop into a very knowledgeable, effective and skillful yoga teacher. You start teaching from day one!

There are 3 Modules in this YTT:

  1. ANATOMY OF YOGA ~ where you will dive deep into how the body works, yoga asana and adding depth to your own personal practice and your teachings.
  2. THE FOUNDATIONS OF TEACHING YOGA ~ develop your own unique teaching style, learn to communicate effectively and precisely with cueing, and create intelligently sequenced yoga classes using the alignment anatomy-focused techniques learned in the Anatomy of Yoga module.
  3. MINDFUL YOGA ~ integrating the lessons of mindfulness learned on the mat and applying this to everyday living.  Yoga philosophy and history, including the 8-limbed Pathway of Yoga will be covered.  This module will also include the very important topic of ethics in yoga.

Registration Information:

An application form must be submitted to gain approval into this program.  We require an in-person (or zoom) meeting before applying, to ensure the program is a good fit for all.

Application Form:

Once your application has been received and acceptance has been confirmed, a $565 ($500+HST) non-refundable deposit is required to secure your admission, which will be deducted from your tuition.


Early-Bird Tuition (prepayment): $3700+HST – due 3 months prior to start date.

Standard Tuition:   $3900+HST – due 4 weeks prior to start date

Payment methods for early-bird and standard tuition: cheque or e-transfer.

Payment Plan Pricing:  Please inquire about our payment plan option.

Tuition includes: Yoga Loft YTT Manuals; Unlimited access to our On-Demand Members Portal for the duration of your YTT program

Required Textbooks:
  • The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I (Nov 1 2009) by Ray Long (not included in tuition)
  • The Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume II (Nov 1 2009) by Ray Long (not included in tuition)
  • The Yoga Loft – Yoga Foundations Manual (included in tuition)
  • We will also provide a list of recommended books, as well as a comprehensive list of resources

Program Director/Lead Trainer:

Program Director and Lead Trainer:   Sandi Grekoff-Hunt, MSc, E-RYT200

About me:My goal is to elevate the yoga teacher training experience to help develop teachers who have a solid understanding of how the body works, promote sustainable alignment for their students, and sequence classes intelligently and effectively.  I’ve heard from so many teachers over the years that they feel overwhelmed and unprepared to teach after taking their first YTT.  I am dedicated to providing you with the fundamentals of yoga so that when you complete this program, you are well equipped with the required knowledge, experience and understanding to teach yoga skillfully.I have combined the knowledge and background gained from my academic science degrees, as well as many yoga trainings and experience to develop the most comprehensive, foundational YTT program possible from the following sources:

  • Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees with a focus on anatomy, biology, physiology, human health, nutrition and exercise
  • Nutritionist in the nutrition and exercise field since 1995
  • Personal Training Specialist with a focus on functional strength and mobility since 2008
  • A lifetime of my own personal movement and exercise exploration through various sports, strength training and functional movement
  • Over 30 years of yoga practice
  • Formal studies: hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, trauma sensitive yoga training
  • Designated Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with more than 4000 hours of yoga teachings
  • For more information and full bio, click here