What are your Studio & Covid Policies?

We have many new policies in place at the studio during the pandemic.  Please thoroughly read our COVID POLICY before attending any in-person classes.  In this document, we explain our policy on arrival/departure, props and mats, registering for classes, physical distancing and masks, cleaning and disinfecting, etc.  

Other general studio policies – we ask that you remove your footwear upon entering the studio and please do not walk on the practice space with shoes on.  We also ask that you turn your phone on silent during practice.  

Where is the entrance for The Yoga Loft?

We are located at the very back of the Rebuild Physio building (the old Presto Bowling alley), on the upper level.  Our main entrance is at the back of the building at the top of an exterior set of stairs.  

Where do I park?

The parking lot for The Yoga Loft is located next to the building (to the left of the building if you are facing it).  It is located on the corner of King St and Union St.  There is also plenty of street parking on Union Street, both sides of King Street and Duke Street.   

Please note, there are a few spaces reserved for the Pizza restaurant next door, as well as a couple near the front of the building for other tenants (these spaces are marked). 

Is the studio space accessible?

Unfortunately like many yoga studio spaces, ground-level spaces are not financially feasible.  Our studio is on the upper level, so stairs might be a barrier.  Once inside the studio, there is one small step up onto the studio floor from the waiting area.  

We will continue to offer our full yoga schedule virtually as well as in-studio, which we hope will help to remove some of the barriers if the physical studio space is inaccessible. 

In terms of our classes, we seek to make our teachings as accessible as possible and can accommodate students with a wide-range of levels, experiences and needs.  We are happy to offer different suggestions to make yoga work for each person.

Do you have change rooms available?

We don’t have a designated change room.  We do have a gender-neutral washroom which you can use to get changed, or please come dressed for yoga.

Do I need my own mats, blocks, etc…?

We ask that you bring your own yoga mat if you have one.  We have a very limited supply of mats to borrow if you don’t have one.

We love using props at The Yoga Loft!  We have a good supply of studio blocks, straps, knee cushions, vinyl bolsters, blankets, etc. which you can borrow while in the studio.  We ask that you sanitize them after using.   If you prefer to bring your own, you’re welcome to do that as well of course. 

I’m brand new to yoga and unsure about what to wear.

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.   Fancy, expensive yoga clothes are NOT a necessity!  A t-shirt or tank and stretchy pants, track pants or workout shorts are all great options.  Most people are more comfortable with shirts that gather/cinch a bit at the waist, so that when they are bending forward, their shirt doesn’t lift up.  Please wear what you are most comfortable with.

Do I have to practice in bare feet?

We want you to feel comfortable.  There is no right or wrong way to practice yoga.  Most people practice flow or power yoga in bare feet, because yoga mats can sometimes be slippery with socks, and for some people, bare feet helps the sensation of feeling grounded.  However, other people simply prefer to leave their socks on, and that is totally fine too.  Indoor shoes are also an option if that feels better to you.  

For gentle, restorative classes (where slipping on a mat is not a factor) socks are great, especially if your feet tend to get cold.

Do you have hot yoga?

We try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature for practicing yoga, however we do not have a hot studio. 

Our personal experience and philosophy is that when a yoga space is heated too high, you can deplete your energy, becoming drained and sometimes dehydrated.  You are also at risk of over-stretching (or hyperextending) without realizing it, or slipping due to excess sweat, leading to possible injuries or strains.  There are also times and conditions when hot yoga is not medically advised (such as during pregnancy, heart conditions and blood pressure issues).  Hot, humid environments are also breeding grounds for bacteria.  🙁

Another part of our philosophy is that when yoga is done mindfully and with attention to the breath, that you are able to create your own inner heat.  This “inner fire” enables the yoga student to actually practice more challenging forms of yoga, if so desired.  

Do you offer physical assists or adjustments?

No, we do not and have never physically adjusted our students (even pre-covid).  We teach with a trauma-informed lens and feel that physically adjusting students is outside the scope of practice of a yoga teacher and is not in keeping with our teaching ethics.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to CONTACT us.