Brian B.

“As a masters aged obstacle course racer, most of my training is hard on my body, running, lifting, crawling, carrying. Being able to attend Sandi’s restorative yoga class provides me with an active recovery day rather than just a do nothing rest day. Sandi begins each class with quiet moments to relax your mind, calm your breathing and become aware of your body; bringing focus to the present moment. For me personally, this draws parallels to my martial arts training. Sandi has a very calming demeanour, she is both welcoming and accommodating to individual requests. Her vast knowledge and love of yoga allows her to use a wide variety of poses and stretches, each held for longer duration to both lengthen sore or tight ligaments and muscles as well as improve joint range of motion. She always provides easier and more advanced options for each pose thereby ensuring the pose can be done by advanced or beginner attendees. Sandi also will try to help anyone struggling with a pose ensuring each person achieves maximum benefit from the session. This enhances the personal experience of the session. I believe it is not coincidental that I have some of my best training days the day after her restorative class. I have found it so helpful that I try to incorporate some of her poses and stretches into my pre-race day routine.”