30 Days of RADICAL Self-Care & Good Vibes

 Spring is the perfect time to press the refresh button and revitalize after a long, dark winter.  A time to realign ourselves with the natural rhythms of the earth.  To cultivate, nurture and grow that which we wish to create more of in our lives.  To set healthy boundaries and re-prioritize our busy lives.

 This is your 30 day intention to cultivate deeper roots in self-care, yoga, mindfulness & meditation. 



  • April 1st-30th
  • YOU create your own personal intention that suits your schedule & lifestyle
  • WE help you with some tools and encouragement to take your practice to a deeper level

30 Day Intention:

  1. Prioritize daily self-care – every day do one thing that nourishes you
  2. Yoga practice & Daily movement
    • Attend class 12-15 days over the month (or create your own intention – make it work for your schedule and your life!)
    • On the days you don’t practice, take just 5-10 minutes to move your body in a way that feels great (walk, stretch, dance)
    • Take at least one day off per week (self-care!)
  3. Mindfulness & Meditation – aim for 5 minutes of a simple mindfulness meditation
  • Track your practices with our Spring Into Yoga calendar; Daily journaling is helpful
  • Weekly themes – each week will have a new focus; you will receive an email with inspiration and encouragement, with resources to support you on your journey



Sign-up in-studio with Sandi before April 1st:

  • Current members (Recurring Monthly or Yearly Members) pay just $10 (+HST) extra
  • Non-members (or students without a recurring monthly/yearly membership) pay $80+HST (includes a 1-month unlimited yoga pass, plus event fee)



  • Your name will be entered into a draw for a chance to win some great prizes, including 2 – One-month Unlimited Yoga Memberships (each valued at $79.10), a Ray Dunn mug, a gift from Iguana Beads, and more!
  • Discounts on Special Events and Promos throughout the month (with each special event you participate in, your name will be entered into the draw again!):
    • Self-Care Sunday Class (Sunday, April 7th at 10:30am) with Agnes – get $5 off
    • Meditation Class (Sunday, April 14th at 10:30am) with Sharon Cooke – get $5 off
    • Mala Bracelet Workshop (Saturday, April 27th at 11:45am) with Crissy from Iguana Beads – get $5 off
    • Pedicure with Sarah @Rebuild Aesthetics (down the hall from The Yoga Loft) for a special event price of $30 for participants this month!
  • Live Music Yoga class included for participants:  
    • Flow & Unwind Yoga to LIVE MUSIC by Joe Poulton
    • Friday, May 3rd 7-8pm