Private Yoga Sessions

Why Private Yoga?

Private yoga sessions are great for those wanting individualized yoga instruction for a variety of reasons:

  • Those who are new to yoga often find it helpful to begin their yoga practice with some private sessions to learn the basics before attending a group class
  • Students who are not comfortable in a group class environment
  • Folks who are recovering from injury and need a more tailored approach from a yoga teacher with a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology
  • People who travel for work or have a very demanding work schedule and cannot attend regular class times
  • Those who want to work on building strength, mobility and stability, but prefer a yoga studio space to a gym (I also have a personal training background)

Initial Consultation:  Assessment and Yoga Session (60 minutes) $100

All private yoga students must complete an initial consultation.  During your initial detailed assessment, we will take a comprehensive look at your health history, personal yoga/health/exercise goals and habits.  There will be a short gentle yoga session to evaluate range of motion, identify areas of imbalance and observe alignment, in addition to providing you with a relaxing yoga experience.  From this assessment, I will create a personalized plan for future sessions.

Private Yoga Sessions Pricing (subsequent to initial consultation):

1 Yoga Session $100

5 Session Yoga Package $90 each

10 Session Yoga Package $80 each

Additional Details for Private Yoga:

  • Yoga sessions are one hour.
  • Pricing is based on one student.  For semi-private or small group training, please request pricing.
  • Packages require pre-payment in full and is based on one session per week, in-studio.
  • HST extra on above prices.
  • Payments to be made in advance, upon booking.
  • Please contact Sandi for more information or to book a private session.